10286758_422670341209531_2171696288300603169_oThe Rincon Outrigger Canoe Club of Oxnard, California (ROCC) was created to help further the sport of Outrigger Canoe racing along the beautiful coastline between Malibu and Carpinteria. We enjoy some of the best water conditions right here, along the California coast. With the Channel Islands serving as our backdrop for training we are able to bring another element to our member’s training for all types of racing and endurance paddles.


11807340_10206545566630663_4634388905582249872_oWith the help of some great canoe builders we have two unlimited canoes, “Predator” and “Raptor”. We have added a 3rd canoe named “Pohaku” which is a Mirage.  We also have two support boats now Brown Eyed Girl and Malaya to enable us to train out at the islands off the coast.  In addition with our Spinning Studio “DNA Fitness” we can provide the best in off the water cardio conditioning to our members.



10446237_422672201209345_6574766994607248636_oWe plan on working closely with many Non Profit organizations to raise funds for their causes and bring the wonderful sport of Outrigger Racing to the main stream in our area.  We also enjoy working with local businesses to better serve our community and bring greater awareness of outrigging to more people.


11420995_10206562679960260_8717531561803785993_oSince 2009 I have had the honor to paddle with some of the best clubs and paddlers in California and from around the world I have been able to learn the meaning of Ohana.  The Rincon Outrigger Canoe Club of Oxnard, California focuses on the true meaning of the word, Ohana, and instills this to each of our members.

Safety of our members is our primary concern at all times. We train all of our members personally and work with them hands on every outing.  We try to schedule many races within California as well as Hawaii to further our members experience and meet fellow paddlers from around the world.

This is a club built for the members and will bring the sport of Outrigger Racing to the next level. So come out and join us for the off season and start training with us.


Alex Gonzales
Rincon Outrigger Canoe Club
805 509-3351